Santa Cruz Memorial Mission Chapel &

Santa Cruz Memorial Park

Reminiscent of the buildings of California’s Mission Period, this location offers a peaceful and serene setting for services.

The well-kept surroundings provides ample parking, two chapels, a traditional Burial Park, the community Mission Mausoleum, columbarium, private family mausoleums, lawn crypts, cremation scattering gardens, and our newest addition, the Mariposa Garden.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our cemeteries have always been open to serve all the community regardless of race, creed, politics or religion. 

A Personal Note from the Randy Krassow:

"The funeral home opened on Feb. 25, 1990 the very first death call we received was the unexpected death of my sister, Delores.  When my brother in law called me to tell me of her death he asked me to be the one to tell our parents. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life was to tell my parents their only daughter had died, that and picking up her body at her home. 

Since then I have always used that event as my guide to how I wanted to operate the funeral home.  I remind myself (and the staff) that deceased we care for is someone's sister, daughter or parent.  My sister was 17 years older than me, after she was married she lived one block away from our family home he entirety of my growing up, she was a second mother to me but as my sister I could talk to her about anything.   Her death on that first day of business for us, telling my parents of her passing, arranging the service guides me in everything I do at Santa Cruz Memorial".

Take a walk through over 150 years of Santa Cruz History throughout or Historic Sections of Santa Cruz Memorial Park.

Find comfort and serenity in our newest addition to Santa Cruz Memorial Park, our peaceful Mariposa Gardens.

Enjoy the comfort of our newest expansion of in ground burial sites and visit our Garden of Honor, honoring our beloved Veterans.