Deanie Hochman

Obituary of Deanie Hochman

Deanie Hochman

Resident of Santa Cruz, CA

March 8, 1946 – January 3, 2019


Deanie Hochman, 72, a baker, poet, and visionary, passed away on January 3rd at her home in Santa Cruz, California.


Deanie was born in New York City and grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her adventurous spirit led her to many places; she made many friends everywhere she went. Deanie’s talent in creating fabulous food, most especially desserts, led to several successful business ventures, including the popular Ms. Desserts in Baltimore, Maryland. 


Deanie will be remembered for her bright and shining spirit, her deeply loving heart, her creativity as a poet and a writer, her deep spirituality, her humor and wit, and the incredible strength with which she approached everything she did, including her final illness. She affected every life she touched in a deep and personal way and will be missed by all who knew her.


Deanie is survived by her wife, Happi Campbell; her former husband, Andy Kolstad, and their children, Emma Antunes and Tess Sweet; two grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; three siblings, Abby Odam, Meg Price and John Hochman; and her father and stepmother, William and Nancy Hochman.

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